Listed below are samples of the areas in which we excel. While it is not a complete list of all the assistance we provide, it will provide a look at the breadth of the services provided by The Forward Direction Group throughout North America.


Strategic Planning and Business Plan Development— Let us bring all the puzzle parts together to ensure your planning runs smoothly from start to finish. Be it for a new product in need of competitive analysis and a launch strategy, or to analyze an existing business in need of a new direction, we’re ready. While we are fans of “first guessing” (rather than second guessing….), we can also give your efforts a confidential and quiet second or third look. And by the way, we have an underlying addiction to revenue generation and profit orientation.

New Product Evaluation— We can offer perspective on your new product, including how best to position it to the public. We can also leverage our connections in the media and sports worlds to maximize your opportunities.

Technical Evaluation and Implementation— We have experience in helping departments communicate. For example, the business implications of new technology aren’t always apparent or appreciated in other areas. And on the flip side, the business people often do not understand tech.  Let us help with deciphering the miscommunication en route to a successful effort. We also offer the purely technical services of broadcast design services and custom software development.

Event Management— We’ve operated small events all the way up to the World Series. We can handle events from top to bottom or add temporary support at any level to allow your executives to stay focused on their day-to-day responsibilities.

Board Assignments— We’re well equipped to serve on your Advisory or Executive Board, and to provide on-going support across the breadth of your enterprise.

Creative Marketing and Design— Our marketing skills and orientation run deep. We can create, develop, design and execute a plan, campaign and materials to effectively market your product, concept, team, premise or idea in all medias. We also offer custom logo design and mascot portraits.

Rights Negotiation— We’re experts at “seeing the deal” before anyone else, no matter the topic. Let us stand behind you to help guide the way, or put us at the table. We’re comfortable assisting with the strategy and then being in front or in back, from the first day of discussion to the closing.

Interim Executive Assignments— Lose a key employee and need an “in-charge” executive until the replacement is found? We have the bench strength to step up and handle the business and provide analysis until you fill the slot.

Dispute and Conflict Resolution— We can provide litigation assistance, from serving as an impartial and unbiased third party arbitrator to supporting your side’s analysis, strategy and presentation efforts.

We’re serial planners by nature. We avoid the “Ready…FIRE…Aim” approach. We enjoy tough, complex assignments and managing projects in need of best practices from other situations. Sharing our expertise and experience with others is our passion, as we reevaluate, remix, or re-something assignments big or small.

Jim Valvano once framed the question when he said, “How do you go from where you are to where you want to be?”  We professionally manage that process both up and down with ease, as we look beyond today with you and your high potential employees.